Work With Me

Best You Boot Camp
Do you want to gain confidence, build strength, and learn to feel your best in a supportive community? Join my 6-week Best You Boot Camp! In this program, you will be part of a private online Facebook community, and you’ll receive five workouts a week, designed to get you confident lifting weights and doing challenging HIIT workouts that will set your metabolism on fire! This boot camp is dedicated to empowering women to become their best selves, living their best lives. We are all about self-love, body positivity, healthy and sustainable lifestyle changes, and effective and fun workouts. This program has two tiers:

  • workouts & general nutrition guidelines including sample meal plans, access to the private Facebook page, and weekly progress check-ins for $100/6 weeks
  • all of the above plus custom macronutrient guidelines tailored to your goals (fat-loss, strength building, etc) for $125/6 weeks


20 Under 20
For just $10 you can snag 20 full-body workouts that can be completed in under 20 minutes or less. Designed with the busy lady on the go in mind, these workouts require minimal equipment. 10 are body weight only, and 10 require a set of dumbbells or two.


20 Under 20 

VIP Clients
Are you tired of spending hours in the gym and not seeing results? Do dime-a-dozen workout plans feel like they just don’t meet your needs? Have you been “eating clean”but are still not seeing the results you want?

My VIP clients get individualized plans that take their goals, lifestyle, preferences, and fitness and nutrition levels into account to get them results. I offer nutritional coaching, personal training, or all in-one packages. You’ll receive an initial consultation, custom workout and/or nutrition plans that will be updated weekly based on your feedback, bi-weekly virtual hangouts to review your goals and progress, and 24/7 access to me.

VIP Clients have the following options:

  • Nutrition only-coaching: $125/1 month; $99/month for a 6 month commitment
  • Personal training: $125/1 month; $99/month for a 6 month commitment
  • All-in-one coaching: $175/1 month; $125/month for a 6 month commitment