Happy Friday! I am looking forward to this weekend even more than usual because tomorrow morning I am flying to Vancouver! Doug is already out there for a conference, so I will be joining him and then we’ll be exploring our way down the coast to Seattle and Portland. We’ll be celebrating our fourth wedding anniversary, which was actually yesterday.

Anyhow, here are some things I’m super into lately, in no particularly order!

shutterstock_143881924Peonies! They were one of our wedding flowers and I absolutely adore them. I already have one on my shoulder ouroboros tattoo, and I’m planning on getting some more on my forearm while we’re out in the Pacific NW this next week.


CaptureGrilled Pizza. We have been grilling everything lately, but grilled pizza is definitely one of my favorites. We’ve been using Trader Joe’s dough, simply because I have been too lazy to make my own, and following this method. The photo above is from our first attempt. Looks a little burnt, but it was delicious!


Reverse Lunge 10 R%2FLBent Over Rows 10 R%2FLSL RDL 10 R%2FL.pngBarbell Circuits. I have been loving barbell circuits on my metabolic conditioning days. I go a little lighter on the weight, using just the standard 45-lb barbell or maybe up to 55-60 pounds if I’m feeling it. Using a little lighter weight I can keep the workout fast-paced and metabolic. I did the above one in just over 20 minutes using a barbell and a kettlebell, but you could complete it with a set of dumbbells instead. I also loved doing this one.


Dearly Bethany. I adore her minimalist, clean style and her commitment to more ethical, slow fashion. Super inspirational and she has tons of stuff I would love in my closet. I’m not sure I could pull off the super high-waisted and fitted look as well as she does, but I’d like to try. Her color palette is to die for too….and she has great book recommendations!


nothing-left-unsaid-anderson-cooper-and-gloria-vanderbilt-1024Documentaries. Who am I kidding?! I always love documentaries. I have watched three fantastic ones recently that I just have to share. I adored Nothing Left Unsaid, the HBO documentary about Gloria Vanderbilt and her son Anderson Cooper. I have always been fascinated by the Vanderbilt family, going back to when my mum took my brothers and I to Newport, Rhode Island, where we toured the family’s summer “cottages” the Breakers and Marble House. I thought this film was really well done. Gloria Vanderbilt has had an incredible life that spans so many significant moments in American history.

In preparation for teaching my Intro to American Studies class in the fall, I also rewatched Reel Injun and I Am Not Your Negro, two excellent documentaries that get to the heart of some of the most painful parts of our past, present, and future. In light of the heartbreaking Philando Castile ruling and the Supreme Court’s position on the use of racial/ethnic slurs for bands, mascots, etc (which is a very complex issue), these two films feel even more relevant.

That’s it for today! What are you loving lately?

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