Today I believe

…that hating your body is often a way to mask deeper, underlying problems and insecurities (see this post).

…that coffee is a food group.

…that there is no such thing as a guilty pleasure (if it brings you pleasure, you shouldn’t feel guilty about it. Shout out to Neghar Foonooni for this idea).

…that it’s perfectly acceptable to listen to the same song ten million times in a row. Lately it’s been this one or this one, depending upon my mood.

…that tacos are the perfect food.

…that being outside in nature can (almost) always solve a bad mood.

…that consent is not just critical, but what makes intimacy fun (shout out to Nasty Women Radio).

….that workouts don’t have to be long and arduous (they can be fun and quick–check out my 20 under 20 program).

…in kindness.

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