Many of my current beta boot camp testers are busy career women and/or moms who often workout from home whenever they can find the time. While they have been rockstars in accomplishing 30-45 minute full body workouts, I also try to give them workouts that they can fit in pretty much anywhere at anytime. I came up with this workout for them over Memorial Day weekend. I typically workout at the gym because I love the environment and the variety of equipment. However,  on Monday I was itching to workout but the gym was closed and all I had was a resistance band. Thus, this workout was born! Scroll down for the video demo!

You can do this workout on its on or in addition to another workout as a finisher. If you’re doing this as your main workout, shoot for 3-5 rounds. As a finisher, aim for 1-2 rounds depending on how you feel! I warmed up with 2 sets of 10 of the following: squat jumps, mountain climbers, and tuck jumps. Then I busted out 5 rounds. My glutes were definitely on fire by the end!

Wednesday Workout


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